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“Wellbeing is architecture’s highest order.”

- William J. Hercules, CEO

Within the bounds of a strict client confidentiality, approaches that demonstrate improved care should be shared so that lives are improved. WJH Health actively contributes to the body of knowledge in three key areas:

  • WJH Health CEO, Mr. Bill Hercules, is a global expert in healthcare design with more than 140 printed and spoken publications, and he has been quoted in industry and popular press. Key subjects include long-range planning, finance, and ethics.

  • WJH Health actively participates in research projects and applications of existing research related to design.

  • Mr. Hercules is frequently invited to speak at international conferences and private corporate events.

Upcoming Events + Publications

American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association

Design Like an Investor

March 20, 2024

State of Healthcare Construction

April 9, 2024

Robins + Morton

Health Facility Institute

Observations After Opening Day:
Digging into Your Why, What, and How

May 1, 2024

American Institute of Architects

AIA Health and Wellbeing Policy

June 5, 2024

American Institute of Architects / American College of Healthcare Architects - Summer Leadership Summit

Health and Healthcare in an Artificially Intelligent World

July 26, 2024

AI Impact on Health Care Design and Construction

September 29, 2024

FPC Seminar

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